Updates to underground.

  • Lighting and DoF adjusted.
  • Paper bag (pab) and desk  added.
  • Ambient sound added.
  • Color grading corrected.
  • Movement and environment collision added.


Underground demonstration 69 MB
Feb 08, 2018


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Is this project still alive or is it dead like all the other ones?

Hi there! Thanks for messaging (and sorry for the late reply). I'm in a very busy part of my life right now, with a lot of moving around and never have the time to set my computer up to continue work on it, but I should be ready to go after Xmas.

Thanks for your continued interest. : )

Alright sounds good. No problem, I just want to see a P.T. project done and finished so people can stop asking :


yeah I hope too

Deleted 214 days ago

Is the Project alive?


i hope...